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JRKWWE provides insightful research and analysis into the retail sector including department stores, teen and missy specialty retailers, fashion forward specialty retailers, broad appeal specialty stores, and discounters.  Our services include:

  • Primary research including store tours.
  • Analysis of timely company happenings and industry trends
  • Custom qualitative and quantitative research projects
  • Consulting on valuation


JRKWWE provides business and financial consulting services for hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity firms considering investments in the retail sector.

With 30 years of industry experience and on-going equity research, JRKWWE provides qualitative and quantitative services, including:

  • Acquisition due diligence including analysis of financial models and valuation
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Retail strategies
  • Identification of potential acquisition opportunities
  • Primary research including store visits and vendor calls
  • Strategic plan development and assessment
  • Valuation of companies
  • Pre-IPO services such as company positioning and insights into institutional investment interest
  • Introduction to capital and financing sources
  • Roadshow advisory services